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MOE unveils S$250m plan to boost teaching profession

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Recognition and Opportunities

9. MOE is committed to ensuring that total compensation for Education Officers remains competitive. Based on the salary study undertaken by its consultants, this is indeed so for most teachers. MOE will however be making improvements in three areas:-

a) Strengthening retention benefits. The annual CONNECT Plan contribution that MOE puts into an officer's account will increase by about 30% within the first 15 years of service and by about 20% thereafter. The aim of the CONNECT Plan is to encourage CONtiNuity, Experience and Commitment in Teaching. A teacher with 15 years of service can expect a total CONNECT Plan payout of $56,600 to $78,400 under the revised terms, up from the current $43,600 to $60,500. A teacher who has 40 years of service would receive a total payout of $120,000 to $160,000, up from $90,000 to $120,000. The revised CONNECT benefits will take effect in 2007.

b) Starting salaries. MOE is increasing the starting salaries of Pass/ Pass (Merit) Degree and Diploma recruits by 1 increment (which is equivalent to an increase of 5-8%) with effect from 1 Sep 06. The current starting salaries of trainee teachers holding other qualifications remain competitive.

c) Mid-career entrants. MOE recognises that mid-career entrants make valuable contributions to the Education Service. We will be reviewing their pay so that those who do well are given due recognition and are not disadvantaged relative to other teachers.

10. There will also be more career options and advancement opportunities for teachers, along both the teaching and leadership tracks:-

a) A classroom teacher can now look forward to an additional promotion during his or her teaching career with the creation of a new promotional grade for General Education Officers (GEO) (GEO2A3/GEO1A3).

b) The role of Senior Teachers (STs), whose traditional focus has been in pedagogy and mentoring, will now be broadened. Schools can appoint STs in more varied areas of expertise, such as school-based curriculum design, testing & assessment, staff development, counseling.

c) A new apex position, Master Teacher Level 2, for promising teachers will be created. The Master Teacher 2, whose job level is equivalent to that of a Vice-Principal, will operate at the zonal or national levels.

d) A majority of Heads of Department (HODs) can currently be promoted to the first Senior Education Officer (SEO) grade. To enhance the promotional prospects for HODs, outstanding HODs can look forward to a promotion to the next higher SEO grade

More Flexible Work Arrangements and Support for Teachers

11. The Part-Time Teaching Scheme (PTTS) was introduced in Year 2000 to allow for more flexible work arrangements and is currently open to serving female teachers with children under 6 years of age, as well as teachers aged 55 years or above. In support of the Government¡¯s pro-family policies, both female and male married officers with children under 12 years of age will now be eligible for the PTTS.

12. MOE will encourage schools with good practices in promoting work-life harmony to share them among all schools.

13. MOE will also press on with our efforts to create more time and space for teachers to reflect and inject quality into their lessons, through recruiting and deploying an additional 3,000 quality teachers into schools by 2010. The creation of several new positions, including the new School Staff Developer, will supplement our efforts to boost the size of the teaching workforce to 30,000 by 2010. MOE will set out to recruit. An update of the progress of these initiatives is provided below:-



14. Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Education, announced at the Senior Education Officer Promotion Ceremony on 13 April this year that MOE would be conducting a review of the teachers¡¯ career and professional development, reward and recognition structures. This review represents the government¡¯s firm commitment to ensuring that the teaching service remains attractive and fulfilling.


Source: Press Release 4 Sep 2006



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